About The Course

About the Course

This is an exciting opportunity to become involved in the emerging and vibrant field of Wellbeing Coaching. As more and more people deal with stress and low energy, are overwhelmed with frustration and self-doubt, they are turning to positive ways to overcome these pressures.

Our intensive 5-day virtual classroom Wellbeing Coach Training Course will teach you how to re-motivate, re-energise and help people get back on track and more out of life.

Along with learning about life coaching techniques and tools, there is practical coaching practice with fellow students during the course to give you immediate experience in using your new skills.

Accredited by the Association for Coaching, this comprehensive Wellbeing Coach Training Course is designed to give you the tools to coach effectively and with confidence. Groups are kept small and personal with no more than 12 students per program. Plus you’ll be automatically enrolled as a Student Member with the Association for Coaching at no additional cost.

You will also go on your own transformational journey as you address your own wellbeing needs as you personally experience the coaching techniques.

About the Course
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    What is Coaching

    Here at Raw Horizons Academy we specialise in Wellbeing Coaching. How is this different from What is wellbeing coaching?regular Life Coaching?

    Firstly, what is wellbeing? Wellbeing can be defined as health, happiness and success. However these terms are very subjective in their meaning and have a different truth for every person.

    A more objective definition is that overall wellbeing is a state in which every individual realises his or her own potential, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively and fruitfully, and is able to make a contribution to her or his community.

    Over the last 50 years, we in Britain have become richer. Despite this, evidence from population surveys – in which people were asked to rate their own happiness or mental wellbeing – shows that overall wellbeing has not improved.

    As more and more people deal with stress, low energy, overwhelm, frustration and self-doubt they are now turning to positive ways to overcome such pressures. Enter the role of the wellbeing coach: to re-motivate, re-inspire, re-energise and help people get back on track and more out of life.

    Using methods and techniques that Dr Claire Maguire herself used to regain her own self-confidence, re-set her goals and recreate a positive body image after her trauma with breast cancer, she developed her own proprietary program for wellbeing coaching.

    Together with working with hundreds of people through her successful private food relationship and wellbeing coaching practice plus her flourishing residential retreat programs, she has refined her coaching techniques and skills into her unique Wellbeing Coach Training Course.

    Based on the same underlying foundations as Life Coaching, a wellbeing coach is there to guide his or her client to bring about a clearer understanding of their issues or concerns, help to reframe and re-interpret, look forward to their aspirations and the goals they wish to achieve, and inspire the necessary changes in their behaviour to ensure the realisation of those objectives and desires.

    By skilfully listening, questioning, reflecting, encouraging, challenging and supporting, a wellbeing coach guides their client to look to the future by helping them design and execute their own solutions to their problems and challenges..

    Who is a Coach

    Anyone can become a life coach.Who is a wellbeing coach?

    You do not need a degree in psychology, counselling or any other qualification for that matter and, currently, you do not need to be registered with any professional body.

    You do not need to be of any specific age. People from their 20’s through to their 60’s have made careers as life coaches. You just need the right attitude, qualities and skills to be a great coach.

    Life coaching is all about delivering great results for your clients. The passion of coaches to empower people to live the life they desire is of utmost importance.

    Students include those working in the corporate arena who wish to add to their current qualifications, holistic practitioners who wish to complement their existing skills and individuals looking for a new rewarding career.

    The following is a good indication of the traits required to be a great life coach:

    • Positive - the client needs to be inspired by your belief in them and your own passion for what you do
    • Empathy & passion to help others - the ability to feel and share your client’s emotions plus have a desire to help them
    • Great active listener - coaching is about listening to all the subtle signs and messages in order to understand what is going on for the client.
    • Non-opinionated - not needing to give advice, as coaching is all about facilitating the client to their own answer.
    • Non-judgmental - being open-minded enough to understand that other people have different points of view, and that in their worldview, they may correct.
    • Curious - coaching is all about asking questions so it helps to have an inquisitive mind
    • Challenging - great coaches challenge the client in many ways to create clarity, honesty and to focus on the reality
    • Observant - a great coach can spot the subtle signs of uncertainty, anxiety or apprehension but equally see the spark of excitement, the “aha” moment or the catalyst that triggers a client’s motivation
    • Good communicator - the ability to communicate effectively and clearly on many levels is vital to being a good coach
    • Honesty and integrity - a successful coaching relationship is based on trust and must be free of hidden agendas

    These traits coupled together with the skill sets and coaching techniques that Raw Horizons teaches through their accredited training course, will enable you to become a great coach.

    Do you have what it takes to be a great coach?

    Why our Course

    Here at Raw Horizons, we’re passionate about selectively training a small number of new life coaches of exceptional quality and integrity to help make this world a better place, by specialising in Wellbeing Coach Training.

    The Benefits

    Our course benefits include:

    • High quality program specifically for Wellbeing Coaching
    • Accredited by the Association for Coaching
    • Designed and taught personally by Dr Claire Maguire
    • 5-day fast-track course
    • Personal small groups of students
    • Comprehensive course material covering coaching techniques & skills
    • Covers business aspects of setting up and running your own coaching business
    • Student Membership to the Association for Coaching
    • Great value for money

    Our program is for men and women serious about wanting to change their life and start their new exciting career path helping others live the life they desire.

    Dr Claire Maguire

    Our training courses are specially designed by Dr Claire Maguire to be highly effective, top quality and exceptionally practical. The comprehensive content gives you the tools to both coach effectively and to build your successful business. Plus you benefit from her wealth of knowledge and experience gained from all her years as a world-leading life coach with her successful wellbeing coaching practice and residential retreat programs.

    Using methods and techniques that Dr Claire Maguire herself used to regain her own self-confidence, re-set her goals and recreate a positive body image after her trauma with breast cancer, she developed her own proprietary program for wellbeing coaching.

    Together with working with hundreds of people through her successful private food relationship and wellbeing coaching practice plus her flourishing residential retreat programs, she has refined her coaching techniques and skills into her unique Wellbeing Coach Training Course.

    Limited to only a small group of students per course and taught personally by Dr Maguire and her hand-picked team, these small exclusive groups ensure you receive their full attention, support and encouragement (men & women welcome).

    Fast-Track Course

    Our fast track coach training courses provide the focus on what’s important – becoming a qualified life coach. In just 5 days you can be starting your new career.

    There are many benefits to joining an intensive 5-day course compared to a traditional online course or distance learning program. With a comprehensive fast-track course the advantages are:

    • Reduce distractions so your full focus and concentration is on your course
    • Direct contact with your program teacher
    • Questions and queries are answered immediately
    • Benefit from group discussions and feedback with your fellow students
    • Meet like-minded people, all with similar goals and ambitions
    • Build your confidence by practising your new coaching skills with your fellow students
    • ‘Fast-track’ your way to completing your course in just 5 days and starting your new career

    Training as a wellbeing coach through Raw Horizons Academy will give you the tools and knowledge to succeed in this emerging and exciting field.

    Course Modules

    Wellbeing is defined as health, happiness and success.

    This accredited life coaching course covers understanding the basis of wellbeing, a wide range of coaching techniques and tools, the business aspects of setting up and running your business plus practical coaching practise with fellow students.

    We study the framework of emotional health and wellness to promote resilience, vitality and passion.

    The following areas covered during this comprehensive 5-day program include:

    1. Defining Wellbeing: how do you define what it is and the benefit it brings to your client; discover your role as a wellbeing coach and your position in the arena of health & wellness.
    2. Managing Stress: examine the role stress plays in the body physically and emotionally.  Learn practical ways to deal with stress, overwhelm and burn out.  Examine the importance of work-life balance.
    3. The Science of Wellbeing: we explore positive psychology, biological and neuroscientific research on wellbeing.  Understand how the mind and body interact with internal and external stimuli.
    4. The Role of Food: we discover the role food plays in supporting the body. Learn the basics of food relationship and what will help bring greater benefit to your clients.
    5. Coaching Models: we explain various coaching models including the GROW model, to bring out your clients vision, to set goals, to instil confidence and motivate positive behaviour.
    6. Coaching Skills and Techniques: learn a broad range of coaching tools and strategies to understand limiting beliefs, self-sabotage, values, language, habits, reframing and attitudes to change.
    7. The Meaning of Success: success can mean very different things to different people. Trying to define success is not easy and we explore the various paths available for your clients to ‘succeed’.
    8. Mindfulness, Meditation and Relaxation: learn the importance of mindfulness & meditation and how this is of great benefit to your client.  We also look at the significance of relaxation.
    9. Spirituality and Holistic Health: we explore what spirituality means and how holistic health is important for complete wellbeing of mind, body and spirit.
    10. Lifestyle Example: become an example of wellbeing as you commit to your continued self-development. As you embrace self-care, rituals, gratitude & acceptance, you serve your clients in a greater way.

    The practical and business side of coaching is just as important as being a coach which is why we also delve into how to build a successful coaching practice through addressing the following areas:

    1. Identifying Client Needs: what is a client looking for; what their expectations are, how to establish rapport, how to listen to what they are really saying and to build up your intuitive skills.
    2. Working with Clients: learn the practicalities of a coaching business – how to set up calls & questionnaires, boundaries. Discuss ethics, legal considerations, confidentiality and keeping records.
    3. Business Development: delve into your story, experiences, talents, passions and skills to uncover exactly what you offer a potential client and how you can specifically help them.
    4. Brand Building: identify your niche to establish your expertise. Understanding your ideal client will enable you to connect and talk to your potential new clients.
    5. Your Business Plan: review issues such as set-up options, legal considerations, insurance concerns, operational requirements, marketing plan, cash flow factors.
    6. Coaching Options: understand different ways to coach individuals and the concept of coaching packages.
    7. Marketing Yourself: we examine various marketing methods including different lead generation strategies for online and printed media, website considerations plus top marketing tips.

    You also get the opportunity to develop your new coaching skills.

    Certification & Membership

    A Certificate of Wellbeing Life Coaching is awarded to those who complete the 5 day course. As an accredited course, this qualification is recognised by The Association for Coaching (AC).

    Plus you're also registered as a student member of the AC so you have access to their database of information.

    You'll be invited to join our private Raw Horizons Academy Community for ongoing support and motivation.

    This is all included in the cost of the course.

    You are then set up for success and ready to start your new career as a wellbeing life coach.

    ‘Thank you so much for a great week. I have learnt so much on the Wellbeing Training Course and now look forward to putting it all into practice.’ Natalie B