Covid-19 Update

Covid-19 Update

Due to COVID-19 requirements:

Virtual Classroom - Wellbeing Coach Training Course

In these unprecedented times, the usual way of doing things has had to change.  Many of us are now required to re-evaluate how we operate, how we do things and how we move forward under these new circumstances. 

As you may be aware, many schools and universities are meeting this challenge by moving to a virtual classroom format to enable their students to keep learning. The internet and technology provide a wonderful way to impart knowledge and ensure we keep in contact. 

With that in mind, Raw Horizons is following these academic institutions and moving to the virtual classroom format.  Whilst this may initially seem daunting, we invite you to welcome the opportunity to learn in what may be a new way for you. 

Over the years, we have led and participated in many online training courses.  We have found it to be a great way to deliver content and to learn. With the advent of video conferencing it makes real time learning easily accessible. 

What then does this mean for you and our 5-day Wellbeing Coach Training Course?

You will still receive all of the course content and information to become a certified Wellbeing Coach. As such, we'll post you the course folder complete with all the printed hand-outs*.

This course is identical in all respects to our 5-day residential version. It provides the same course material, delivers the same course content and offers the same training benefits, within a dynamic, instantaneous format.

Our virtual classroom will be delivered over 5 days (Monday through Friday) via Zoom video conferencing led by Dr Claire Maguire, together with a dedicated WhatsApp group.

All information on how to use this technology will be explained to you. We will guide you and make sure you know what to do and when. 

We will also take care of you.  We pride ourselves on our ability to nurture a group, to bring out the best of each individual and to deliver a vast amount of information in a fun and understandable manner. 

We create a supportive environment for your group, an environment where you can ask questions, contribute ideas and be inspired by your fellow students. 

It is especially beneficial at this time of social distancing as the virtual set up enables us to connect in real time both audibly and visually.

The course will run as a time-tabled classroom on specific dates, from Monday through Friday.

We start with a short welcome session on the Sunday evening to ensure you have everything ready. Each day from Monday to Thursday starts at 9.30am and finishes at 5.30pm, with time for breaks and lunch.  On Friday we start at 9.30am and complete the course at 12 noon.

Time will also need to be allocated for homework and coaching practise sessions.  A timetable will be sent to you along with all the course content.

What will you learn?

Our training modules cover:

  • What is wellbeing and what that means to you
  • Why wellbeing is so necessary at this time
  • What a coach is and is not
  • Coaching skills
  • Coaching models
  • Food relationship and how it impacts on other wellness modalities
  • Our emotional health
  • Meditation and breath
  • Neuroplasticity and creativity
  • Self-care
  • Wealth consciousness
  • Business skills
  • Creating your unique offering as a Wellbeing Life Coach

We are very proud of this course and the scope it offers to you as students. We have many years of experience teaching these courses and we are excited to now make it available in a virtual classroom format.

Upon completing your course, you will be awarded your Wellbeing Life Coach Certificate, plus become a member of The Association of Coaching. You can then start working as a wellbeing coach immediately.

In this time of change, it is an opportune time to re-assess what is important, examine our values and take advantage of moving towards a heart-felt future.

*Postage only currently available within UK mainland.  All other students will receive PDF format via email.